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Welcome to Happy Tooth Dental Practice Wassenaar!

Dr. Suthip Leela and her assistants offer a wide range of modern dental care and advice for optimal oral and dental care. Similar to her first Happy Tooth clinic which she set up in Phuket, Thailand in 2004, the clientele of Happy Tooth Wassenaar is a mixture of international and local Dutch patients. Dutch and English are widely spoken, as well as Thai and a few other Asian languages.

Happy Tooth puts the patient’s interests at heart: there is no waiting list to enroll, service is warm and very personal, opening hours are chosen at your convenience (including evenings and weekends) and the care philosophy is focused on prevention and the preservation of existing teeth.

With over 21 years of international experience, Dr. Leela has specialized in the treatment of anxiety patients and children, and in aesthetic dentistry, laser dentistry, and orthodontic treatment. Happy Tooth offers off course also general dentistry services such as crown and bridgework, implantology, orthodontics, and appointments with a dental hygienist.

On our website, you can enroll and make appointments 24 hours a day and obtain information about the opening hours and open house days of our practice, the type of treatments offered, news, and much more.


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Happy Tooth Philosophy and Treatments

Happy Tooth strongly recommends 6 monthly periodic monitoring of your oral health as it believes that prevention is better than treatments. During the periodic monitoring visits, we inspect and review the status of your teeth and oral care. If needed, we suggest taking action to improve oral hygiene. If problems are found in your teeth, your dentist will discuss with you whether additional treatment is needed. The dentist will tell you about:

– The expected results
– The risks of treatment
– The number of treatments
– And the duration of the treatments.

Besides the semi-annual periodic examination, Happy Tooth offers a wide range of treatments:

– General Dentistry
– Pediatric Dentistry
– Laser dentistry


– Geriatric dentistry
– Dental Surgery
– Crowns and bridges
– Dentures
– Implants
– Periodontics
– Endodontics

– Aesthetic dentistry

– Oral hygiene and over all health promotion and prevention

The information about your teeth and the history of the treatments we store in our computer. Obviously, this system is properly protected. We store the data for at least 15 years. On your (written) request, we can also send your data to another practitioner.

Laser Dentistry: What is it?

The laser produces a sharp focused light beam energy which is used for the removal or cutting of tissue instead of a scalpel. The scalpel causes in some cases bleeding which patients experience as pain, and some patients become even traumatic. The use of dental lasers prevents bleeding, increases the rate of healing time, and reduces the pain after the procedure is completed so that the inconvenience for patients is significantly less. The laser-tissue interaction stimulates the healing power of the body by the formation of collagen, fibroblast (increases connective tissue), and activity of osteoblasts (bone remodeling increases).

Dr. Suthip Leela and her team are fully qualified to offer laser dentistry. Happy Tooth has various types of high-end pulsed lasers, which allows a wide range of laser dentistry treatments to be performed, whether it’s a small area, or more complex laser gum and periodontal surgery. The Happy Tooth laser equipment is state of the art. In addition, we work with the best adhesive techniques and the finest materials. Laser dentistry is minimally invasive and so much more pleasant for the patient. Patients who have undergone dental treatments by means of a laser are very enthusiastic about it, as an anesthetic is not necessary in most cases. The main benefits of laser dentistry are less or no bleeding, faster healing, less pain perception, anesthesia usually not necessary, enables early detection of possible caries, effective treatment of periodontitis, and the possibility to correct uneven gums (for a nicer smile) The team of Happy Tooth would be pleased to inform you more extensively about this revolutionary technique.

Contact details:

Happy Tooth Wassenaar
Pastoor Buyslaan 25
Wassenaar 2242 RJ
Tel. practice: 070- 444 99 15
Tel. dentist: 06-29 17 98 16 (emergency)
E-mail: info@happytoothwassenaar.nl or: tphappytooth@gmail.com


The Happy Tooth dental practice is easy to find, as it is located in the center of Wassenaar. As shown on the map below, Pastoor Buyslaan is a side street off the Kerkstraat. Parking facilities are available in the Pastiir Buyslaan itself or at the large parking area near the Warenar cultural center on Kerkstraat 75. Happy Tooth can also be reached by public bus. Just take bus number 43 and 44  from The Hague Central Station and get off at the Burchtlaan stop. From there it is a 6-minute walk to the dental practice.